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Poundbury Patients is a patient participation group (PPG), which has the support of the NHS and of Poundbury Doctors’ Surgery. Experience shows that successful doctors’ practices and effective PPGs go hand in hand.

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OUR NEWEST Spring 2022 Newsletter is located below click on the red link to read it here:

Spring 2022 Edn Ver 1.2

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Newsletter – Autumn 2021 06-10-2021 FINAL

New Parents Meet Up
Talking Café
Wednesday, 4th August, 11am
On the Green, Poundbury, opposite the practice. Unless there is inclement weather

  • For some new parents during the lockdown, life has been a challenge. Health visits on line, no antenatal or postnatal groups to go to and meet others in the same boat. No Mother(or Father) groups to go to and compare notes, worries, problems, etc. Poundbury Practice fully acknowledges this and hopes that this might offer an opportunity for you to get together, make new friends and help to support each other.
  • Bring something to sit on. The Pavilion Cafe will be open but bring your own drinks etc. if you wish.
  • If the weather is wet, text 07496 634088 for further details.
  • Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you there.

        Summer Holiday Chimney Spotting Challenge Activity

  • Poundbury Doctors’ Surgery PPG (Patient Participation Group aka ‘Poundbury Patients Group’)  has come
    up with a fun and interesting activity for you to do over the holidays. Please see the link about it on our website here: https://poundburypatients.org/2703-2/
  • Closing date:  Sunday, 31st October 2021

Who's saying what?

 “Where Patient Participation Groups and GP practices are working well together, these partnerships have already brought significant value to patients and practice staff.”

Prof. Nigel Mathers

PPGs (patient participation groups) provide an opportunity for local people to get involved with their practice and influence the provision of local health services. Members contribute their views, make suggestions and provide feedback on services they may have used. Groups can also get involved with supporting local health initiatives.

“The Poundbury Patients group is here to help in whatever ways patients, doctors and staff feel to be most beneficial to everyone connected to Poundbury Doctors’ Surgery.”

Paul Wallis (Chair)

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The Poundbury Doctors’ website should always be your first choice for GP medical services, information and advice.

The Poundbury Patients’ website is simply an additional resource for patients.

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