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Poundbury Patients is a patient participation group (PPG), which has been an NHS contractual requirement for all GPs in England since 2016. Experience shows that successful doctors’ practices and effective PPGs go hand in hand. There are currently over 1200 PPGs in England and this number is set to increase.

Poundbury Patients has been formed by a group of patients working on a voluntary basis alongside staff at the surgery. We meet regularly and all clinical and administrative staff at the practice are invited to attend the meetings, together with representatives of the NHS and other organisations.

The basic aims of most PPGs include:

  • Advising the practice on patients’ opinions and suggestions
  • Organising health promotion events
  • Enhancing communications between patients and the surgery staff
  • Establishing volunteer services and support groups to meet local needs
  • Carrying out research into patients’ views and those of their family carers
  • Influencing the practice or the wider NHS on service improvements
  • Fundraising to improve patient services and the work of the PPG.

If you are interested in helping Poundbury Patients develop as an active and successful voluntary organisation, please visit the get involved pages on this site.

For more background information about patient participation groups, visit the website of the National Association for Patient Participation at www.napp.org.uk

This Poundbury Patients website serves as an additional resource for patients but is not a replacement for the Poundbury Doctors site, which you can visit by clicking HERE

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