Patient opinions are so important

To help us gather your opinions and suggestions, Poundbury Patients will be conducting some simple surveys on a range of topics.

The survey forms will be emailed to patients who have signed up for our newsletter, so all you have to do is complete the survey form (if you wish) and click the SEND button at the end.

Survey results will be published on this page and anything new will be highlighted in our newsletter to you.

You do not have to enter any personal identity details on a survey form as all survey results will be kept anonymous.

Let’s face it, all the staff at Poundbury Doctors are already doing a superb job. Over 7000 patients can testify to that.

But do we give them the feedback they need to continue the great work they do? Or do we provide them with suggestions and insights, from a patient perspective, which may help to make little improvements?

And what about Poundbury Patients? Are we doing the job you would expect? Are we doing it right or can your ideas and opinions make us better and more relevant to you and other patients?

Praise, as well as new ideas

Our surveys will help everyone to get things right and make things better.

It doesn’t mean criticising. We can all benefit from being told what a good job is being done, so don’t forget to acknowledge what is already good, as well as making your constructive suggestions for things that could be introduced or changed for the better.

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