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Would you like to help Poundbury Patients and the doctors and staff at Poundbury Doctors’ Surgery? This is where to get started.

The aim of Poundbury Patients is to support all the staff at the surgery in the excellent work they are doing for us. And, of course, to provide additional information and help to patients.

Volunteer with us

By volunteering with Poundbury Patients, you’ll be helping to carry out some of the work for the group. But you’ll also gain a real sense of purpose and a feeling of belonging. Even just an hour or two can make a real difference.

The work could involve you on tasks such as these:

  • delivering newsletters to those not on the internet
  • befriending other patients
  • helping out at events
  • stewarding programmes such as Flu or Covid Vaccinations
  • supporting coffee morning chat sessions
  • joining a Feedback Group

Or you may have specialist skills that would help the steering group be more effective. If you have skills such as those listed below, and you would like to help out occasionally, we’ve love to hear from you.

  • updating the website
  • handling our social media
  • dealing with PR and Press Releases
  • or you may have thought of something that we haven’t. If so, get in touch with your volunteering idea.

One simple sign-up form

Just complete our sign-up form and we’ll get back in touch very soon. You can get involved by registering your interest. Just click the button.

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